Sheet Metal Shingles and Standing Seam
24, 26, 28, 29 Gauge Vic West and Standing Seam

Fiberglass/Asphalt Shingles
3 tab and Architectural Shingles.

Rubber Agway
Standing Seam steel shingles/4 way interlock
With a 50 year warranty - transferable

Slate Composites
Come with a 50 year warranty

Cedar Shingles
Number 1 and Number 2 grade Western Cedar

Designer Shingles and Architectural Shingles 
We carry a variety of top end shingles, and the best Architectural Shingles, for longevity and hurricane ressistance. Our product  preparation, and installation practices reach far beyond the manufacturer's product warranty never come into question. (30-50 Years)

Low Slope and Rubber Roofing 
A "Low slope roof" is one that slopes less than 2" - 12" pitch. Because low slope roofs also drain water more slowly than moderate or steep sloped roofs, systems such as steel or asphault shingles that rely on mechanical drainage for successful performance, are not used. Instead, we use rolled roofing or rubber membrane roofing systems.

Seamless Eavestroughs, Fascia and Soffit
Seamsless eavestroughs are the most common installed due to proficiency of quality. They also protect the beauty of your home and landscape. There is an arrangement of colours to match your home.

Small or large jobs no problem. From a small 1 story to any size commercial. 5" or 6" Residential or Industrial.

Fencing & Decking 
We have exceptional products and service. As a company we are dedicated to providing on-site workmanship of the best quality, superior customer service, and setting industry leading standards for safety.

Windows and Doors
We offer all vinyl, thermo pane windows in a variety of colors, designs and of course always custom made to exact specifications. Our installers have experience in the business. The selection of doors is never ending depending on your choice and our application.

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